The Company

Corporate information

Established in 2013, Poland Distribution Group Sp. z o.o. is an AEO Certified company. With Europe being the home to the biggest FMCG producers, we along with our partners are there to offer customers with quality products from the best brands owners. As an Authorised Economic Operator, we are certified to carry out customs activities within the E.U zone.

Let's work together. We’ve made it simple for you to partner with us—with a flexible and generous partner program, delivered by dedicated channel relationship managers. We have an extensive Partner Network, with over 129 partners, serving hundreds of customers in over 80 countries around the globe. As a partner we both can benefit from better business solutions, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve our customer satisfaction.

Our partners comes from the following fields:

  • Business Consultants
  • Technology Partners
  • OEM Partners
  • Master Resellers

Our partners are an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth. As a member of Partner Program your company could benefit from market leading business intelligence solutions.

Corporate Registration Documents:

Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy (KRS)

Statistical Identification Nr. (REGON)


Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej (VAT)

Mutual Advantages:

We understand that for us to succeed in selling our products and services, our partners must also succeed. Therefore, in addition to attractive discounts, we provide every partner with extensive marketing support, training if necessary, and information on our long term company goals.

Becoming our Partner establishes a strategic relationship between your company and us. Our partners enjoy a valuable connection to our network, who are on a mission to help our businesses succeed. We work hard to make sure you are exposed to our vast network of other partners and various worldwide opportunities. Whether you want to become a Business Consultant, Technology Partner, OEM or Master Resellers, all our partnerships reap the benefits of our unparalleled commitment to improving commerce.


Our sub-contractual warehouses perform a very necessary function.They create time utility for industrial goods, and finished products. The proximity of market-oriented warehousing to the customer allows a firm like ours to serve the customer with shorter lead times. More important, warehousing increases the utility of goods by broadening their time availability to prospective customers. In other words, by using warehouses, we can make goods available when and where customer demand them at a fixed time. This warehousing function continues to be increasingly important as a company like ours uses customer service as a dynamic, value-adding competitive tool.


The importance of customer service is obvious and should be the priority of any trading firm. Having goods available in a warehouse when a customer places an order, particularly if the warehouse is in reasonable proximity to the customer, usually leads to customer satisfaction and enhances future sales. Our warehouses are there for protection against contingencies such as transportation delays, vendor stock outs, or strikes.

Storage Strategy

  • Dedicated Storage. In dedicated, or fixed-slot, storage, products are stored in permanent locations within our warehouse. Various location criteria commonly used to locate stock: popularity, unit size, cube, compatibility, complementarity, and so on.
  • Popularity. The popularity criterion locates popular items near the shipping area and the unpopular items always from the shipping. By this method, the order pickers travel a shorter distance to pick the most popular items being ordered, thereby reducing the time required to pick orders.

Warehouse Management System

  • Computer software systems assist in the accurate management of the receiving, put-away, picking, packing, shipping, storage location, work planning, warehouse layout, and analysis activities.
  • By keeping track of item locations in the warehouse, the WMS reduces wasted efforts associated with warehouse personnel "hunting" for an item. This improves labor's productivity, reduces the number of personnel required, and improves the order-picking accuracy.
  • In addition, WMS technology provides improved managerial control and effectiveness though point-of-work confirmation, accountability, performance measurement, and what-if scenario planning.
At Poland Distribution Group, we make maximum use of the building's height - that is, to utilize the building's cubic capacity effectively. This is usually requiring integration with materials handling.

The direct flow of goods into and out of the warehouse helps us avoid backtracking and inefficiency.